Monday, June 27, 2022

How To Stop The Habit?

Q:I am 20 and been masturbating since five years. Due to this my penis is getting bended and also short. I am not having erection as I used to have. How to stop this masturbation habit and reduce loss to the organ?

Ans:Masturbation is not a bad habit. Due to this penis will not get bent or twisted or shorten. Many suffer from misconception,fears about masturbation. This is due to lack of knowledge about sex and get carried away due to some half knowledge people. Your fear is giving you this impression. 99% people have masturbation habit and they get used to it accidentally once they reach teenage. This is a healthy habit. If one don’t masturbate then the person is not matured enough due to lack of hormones or physically. You neednot stop masturbation. You are eligible for marriage.


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