Monday, June 27, 2022

I Am Losing Strength

Q:I have BP and do smoke. I even consume alcohol quite often. Since I don’t have sugar I eat anything normally. I don’t have habit of walking as I don’t get time. I am a business executive and experience mental stress. I don’t get time except for 4-5 times sex a month. Is my increasing stress due to not participating in sex more frequently?

Ans:You may be a business executive,experience stress due to busy life but you should know lifestyle management. You should follow health tips. Medicines alone will not cure BP. You should walk regularly and stay away from smoking and drinking. 

You shouldn’t be under impression that smoking and drinking is a must for a business executive. You should walk for 30 min for good health. If you cannot spare that then you don’t know time management. 

If you have healthy habits, stress will reduce automatically. Walking reduces stress. You are getting tired as you are not having healthy habits. If you have good habits, exercise, timely meals, you will not get tired even if you work for more time. 

To participate in sex, one should manage time. only then your life will be happy.


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