Tuesday, December 6, 2022

I AM Short,He Is Tall

Q:I got engaged. I am very short but my would be is every tall and hefty. My parents settled the match as they felt it is a good match. However I am having fear on how a short person like me can enjoy sex with tall and hefty guy? If I participate won’t my vagina split and result in heavy bleeding? When I informed my mother she asked me to shutup and give consent to the good match. But I am scared of marriage. Please understand my problem and if I am not fit for this match inform me frankly. I will show it to my parents?

Ans:Irrespective of the physique of a man, penis when erected will be only in one shape. Depending on physical attributes, size of the penis will not change. You neednot worry about it and vagina will expand according to the length of the penis. You can marry without any fear and enjoy sexual life.


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