Saturday, April 1, 2023

I Get Pleasure,She Gets Pain

Q : I have a scary problem. During sex after 1-2 strokes I ejaculate and I am unable to continue sex. My wife will not allow me to get up. She will clutch me and pressurise me to continue and even pinch me. When I don’t do anything she will cry uncontrollably. I turn my face and sleep. This happens daily in our married life. I am scared that she will leave me and go to her parents place. I am crazy of her and I cannot live without her. She is a wonderful wife. I am facing this problem and only you should solve my problem?

Ans: You are suffering from premature ejaculation. Over craze, anxiety, hurry,fear results in this problem. People cannot control however hard they try. This canbe cured with psychotherapy. Us fluoxetine 20 mg tabs morning 1,afternoon 1 for three months and results will be shown. Since your wife gets mood the moment you ejaculate she cannot control herself and so behaving in such manner. Once you are cured,she will be normal.


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