Tuesday, June 28, 2022

I Got Sexual Awakening After That

Q: I am 35 and never used to have interest in sex. Even my husband participates in sex once a day and that too for 1-2 minutes. We don’t know about foreplay,play,after play and the stuff you write. We only know one angle and don’t know about other angles. So I don’t have any interest in ext. However for some months I started having relation with another person. He participates in sex twice in one hour and excites me a lot. I realised that there is so much thrill in sex after his relation. But we don’t get opportunity to meet once in 10-15 days. Now I am having desire to have sex everyday. I don’t know from where I got these thoughts but my husband is as usual silent. I know I am making mistake but I feel infront of sexual pleasure, this is nothing. What I have to do to enjoy sex fully with my husband?

Ans:If couples don’t have sexual knowledge life will be like yours. Intercourse is enjoyment from both sides. You should know about foreplay,play and afterplay and should be used in sex which will give more pleasure. You and your husband go for sex counselling which will make your married life happy. You got feelings awakened by a stranger. But enjoy sex with your husband rather than going to others.


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