Tuesday, June 28, 2022

In A Hurry.. But..

Q.My marriage is settled and elders even completed engagement. However for six months our marriage will not happen. Since we are engaged we are going to films and outings. Both are crazy and have sexual desires. Already we had sex six times and now scared that I may get pregnant before marriage. But we are unable to avoid having sex when alone. During six times we used condom only thrice. In the latest three times though condom is not used,I didn’t get pregnant. Tell solution so that there will not be pregnancy without using condom. If any pills are there prescribe. Don’t question why sex before marriage. Suggest ways on how to stop pregnancy if one has sex in unavoidable situation


When you have doubt that unprotected sex will lead to pregnancy after semen is ejaculated in vagina then take levonorgestrel. These will be available as Pill 72. If the tablets are taken once or twice a day it will prevent pregnancy. However result will be there only if the pills are taken within 72hours after sex. The dosage is only two pills. Each pill should be taken with gap of 12 hours. If the pills are used within 24hours of sex,it will have 95% effect. In 48-72hours only 60% result will be there. So the tablets should be used as soon as possible. But some suffer from headache, vomiting etc when they have these tablets. Menses will come regularly in normal manner but menses date will not advance. Women when they don’t want pregnancy but had sex in unforeseen circumstances can have these tablets. However it is not advisable to use these tablets two to three times in a month. Those who have sex many times in a month should use other anti pregnancy tools. 


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