Saturday, April 1, 2023

Is Abortion The Reason?

Q : I loved my cousin and before marriage had sex and became pregnant. Hower fearing quarrels in house, I got aborted through local so called sorcerer. I had lot of blood loss and stomach pain. But since I did it secretly I tolerated the pain. Later I married my cousin and for four years I did not conceive. Why am I not getting pregnant even though I am having sex 4-5 times a day and why did I get pregnant when I had sex accidentally before marriage?

Ans: In illegal abortions, womb may get infected or fallopian tube gets closed. After this woman cannot become pregnant. In your case the same thing happened. If hysteroscopy is done right cause will be known depending on which treatment can be given. One should never undergo abortion through such trivial methods. Consult doctor. If tubes are closed there will be no use irrespective of number of times you have sex.


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