Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Is My Suspicion True?

Q : I Am married recently. My wife’s breasts are loose and are not tight. Did she have sex before marriage? Do you think her breasts were crushed during sex? I don’t know why but my suspicion is increasing and I am unable to participate in sex with her. I am unable to express my doubt to her personally. She is thinking I am impotent as I am not doing sex with her. She even gave hint that I am not a man, I don’t do sex to her parents. They are indirectly asking me to go to a doctor if I have any weakness. I am confused. Do you want me to tell my doubts? I am scared that it will lead to quarrel. I am at my wits end

Ans: There is no connection between sex and looseness in breasts. Participating in sex will not turn breasts lose. Some girls have loose breasts and not due to participation in sex. Shed away all doubts, have a clear mind and enjoy your married life. If you behave well with your wife, all the misconception about you will disappear automatically. 


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