Saturday, April 1, 2023

Is Self Sex Pleasure Dangerous?

Q. I am 45 and my husband is aged 50. We are free from all responsibilities. Now sexual wants increased in me. Generally I have more sexual desire. My husband gets excited with in minutes but he will be out in 1-2 seconds. So I feel very sad. Sometimes he will give some satisfaction by fingering my vagina. Is fingering dangerous to vagina nerves and make sexually impotent. My husband didn’t pay attention to premature ejaculation. Since we had 2-3 times a day, we didn’t experience problem.But now this became problem for me. Forgive me for writing in detail. Many women like me will be there. At Least answer for them in detail

Ans:Premature ejaculation in men will be a problem for women’s sexual pleasure. Many will not get full satisfaction in sex and this makes them unresponsive to sex irrespective of age. Men when faced this problem should overcome it with foreplay. When woman gets aroused even if men gets down after 10-12 strokes she will not feel dissatisfied. Nothing will happen due to fingering. If fingering is started in foreplay and not afterplay mood will not be upset. If medicines are used your husband will get cured from this problem. Couple should interact openly on sexual pleasure which will make their life happy or else it will lead to dissatisfaction. One should have understanding and cooperation.


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