Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Is Sex at Old Age Dangerous

Q: I am 70 and have both BP and Sugar. I am controlling them using medicines. Sometimes the levels fluctuate. I go on walk daily and follow doctor’s prescriptions. I have sex potency and my wife too cooperates with me. I will miss something if I don’t participate in sex at least once in 7-10 days. When I told my colleagues about it they scared me saying that I am making a mistake and sex in old age result in paralysis and heart attack. Do old couple stay away from sex though they have potency. Am I doing a mistake?

Ans : Couple even when they reach old age can participate in sex if they have potency. This will not lead to heart attack or paralysis. In old age BP,sugar, Rosin, Ethirostiki will come which result in heart attack and paralysis. If you control BP,sugar and exercise regularly following good food habits and lead peaceful life, you will not get into any problem. Don’t bother about your walker friends words but enjoy your married life.


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