Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Is Sex In Those Days Unhealthy?

Q: We are married recently. We love each other and both have extreme sexual desires. We are having sex 3-4 times a day and cannot sleep without sex. Our sexual wants are increasing and when I had menses, my husband expressed his desire. I told him my problem but he lured me with kisses. We got emboldened and had sex. However later we are scared as I heard that sex during menses results in blood entering man and turning into poison. I heard that poison will lead to lot of problems and men lose even eyesight, nerves disorder etc. I heard that even womb of woman will be wounded. With this fear even after menses we are not having sex. Did we commit a big mistake? Is there any solution or we have to suffer?

Ans: If couples have desires then there is no problem having sex during menses. Blood during menses is not poisonous. Same blood which flows the body will come out through uterus during menses. Many are under misconception that sex in menses leads to lot of problems. If one understands scientifically fears over menses will be washed away. During menses women suffer from stomach pain,irritation leading to disinterest in sex. If woman is not interested, husband should exercise some restraint.


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