Monday, June 27, 2022

Is Sex Only For Kids?

Q:My wife is peculiar. She is not interested in sex and give consent only once in a blue moon. At that time she will be in full mood. I wonder whether she is really enjoying or she is acting. She then will not give consent for some time. When asked about her behavior,she says sex is only to have kids and is not for worldly pleasure. Even as per her sexual wish she is not getting pregnant also. If she gives birth she we can atleast live happily with the kid. Tell us how to make her marriage life happy?

Ans:One will not get pregnant by having sex once in a while. In most of the women 12th-18th day after menses is good for pregnancy. During that time one should have sex atleast on alternate days. If one participates in sex in other days, there are less chances of becoming pregnant. Inform your wife about this. One should know whether she is interested in sex by analysing her psychology. Both of you consult a doctor and she may change after counseling. Your married life may be happy after doctor consultation.


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