Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Is That True?

Q:I am 24 and I used to have a girlfriend before marriage. Both had sexual pleasure for four years. I am married to another woman who his hefty and I look thin in front of her. All my friends are aware of my girl friend. They say I lost weight since I participated in sex before marriage. Is it true? Then who participate in sex after marriage should become thin. Many whom I know became fat after marriage? Is my sex with girl friend reason for my thinness

Ans:No one will gain or lose weight because of sex. Some will remain thin naturally and it is their physique. Some become thin due to lack of healthy food. Some gain weight after marriage as they take food on time. You too have timely meals and consume banana,sapota,eggs,milk and meat. You will gain weight. One neednot have sex to gain weight.


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