Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Is There Any Loss?

Q:I am 65 year old healthy person. I am having illegal relationship with a woman. Both of us enjoyed a lot. I wonder why I don’t get mood with my wife. She came to the conclusion that I am old. I am able to have sex 2-3 times with the woman whom I am having illegal relation. Is there any problem if I have sex at this age?

Ans: Age is not a constraint for sex. If one has sex potency they can have sex at any age and any number of times. The only problem is you are not having any interest in your wife. That is the reason why you are not doing sex with her. You are getting good sexual interest when the other woman is with you and that is the reason you are having 2-3 times sex. There is no problem but you should beware of problems due to illegal relationship.


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