Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Is Unnatural Desire Good?

Q: I am 22. A woman stays near my house. Her husband is always on tours. Sometime back when my parents went out of station aunty took advantage and she encouraged me for sex. Since I have more sexual desires, I participated in sex for three days. After three days I did not have penile erections perfectly. I am scared now. Aunty is five year elder to me. Is my problem due to her being elder or my participation in sex at young age? Will I be normal again?

Ans: Even if a youngster have sex with elder woman no problem will occur.He will not suffer from sex weakness or ill health. Will not become eunuch if one participates in sex many times a day. However a person gets tired and this will be disappear in 2-3 days. The same thing happened in your case. If your problem is not solved in 7-10days , then it is due to fear in your mind. Nothing happened to you and you can live boldly. But stay away from illegal relation as it will result in problems.


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