Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Is White Discharge Disease Signals Cancer?

Q:I am 15 years and six months back experienced menstruation. Right after one month of menstruation, I am suffering from white discharge disease. When I told my mother she said body got heated and fed me curd with fenugreek seeds but invian. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer after this disease became serious and finally passed away. Will my disease lead to cancer? I am scared.Let me know the solution

Ans:Many liquids are discharged in the early days of menstruation due to enlargement of womb, tissues development in vagina and activation of glands. This is healthy sign and not a disease and not cancer. You need not worry as there is no similarity between you and your aunt’s disease. You are not suffering from heat. You neednot take curd and buttermilk or any other medication or treatment.


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