Tuesday, December 6, 2022

It Is Gonorrhea

Q. I recently had sex with a woman. From four days I am having pain while passing urine. Pus is also coming from the bladder. Is it any sex disease? The woman looked very healthy and beautiful. She didn’t have any disease symptoms and was very active. Both of us did not experience any pain during sex and enjoyed a lot. But now why this pain? What it the cure?

Ans: People look healthy even if they have gonorrhea,syphilis and chancroid diseases.It is not true that they don’t have any diseases. Your symptoms show got infected with gonorrhea from yer. Use azithromycin 1gm one tablet and also two tablets cefixime 200 mgs simultaneously. This will cure gonorrhea and also chlamydia infection which comes with the disease.If pain still persists consult doctor and get treatment.


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