Tuesday, December 6, 2022

It Is Just Like Thumb

Q: I am 22yrs and since 14 I am having high sexual desires. From then on I longed to touch men, kiss them and even see their penis. Recently I got married. I got a good husband and he is giving good thrill in sex. I too excite him by playing with his penis. I love seeing an erect penis. I love to taste penis but my friends say it is not good.She said I will get unwell. However due to sexual desire kept penis in my mouth. My husband did not say anything and I got thrilled. However I remembered my friend’s words and I am scared. I am losing sleep and also interest in sex. My husband says  I am dull. I became extremely dull but how can I tell others about it. Did I commit a mistake.Save me?

Ans: You did not do anything wrong. This is also one form of sex. Many keep their thumps in their mouths and get happy and same is penis which part of body. However if the penis is clean you won’t get any disease. Even if premature ejaculation happens and you swallow the semen nothing happen. Don’t get scared by your friend’s words. If anyone tells something get checked scientifically. After doing guilty feeling overtook you. In teenage everyone should get educated in sex and have scientific knowledge. If not they experience such fears. Nothing will happen to you. 


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