Tuesday, December 6, 2022

It Is Part of the Disease

Q : I am having HIV for five years. However I am healthy without any ill health. But recently I started losing weight and also unable to eat as well as I could. I am getting mouth ulcers. Though I am eating forcibly, I am vomiting. I am not having TB, Cancer like jobs. I am at loss why I am losing weight. Is it possible to gain weight and become healthy again?

Ans: Drastic weight loss is important symptom in HIV/AIDS patient. There are lot of reasons for it and this happens due to immunity losses due to HIV. One may get even cancer. It affects even digestive system with various diseases. 

HIV patient will also suffer from mouth ulcers etc affecting the appetite of the patients. This eventually results in weightloss. If treatment is taken, once again the person becomes normal. Anti Retroviral drugs should be used which helps the patient gain weight. Take milk,egg,fruits,pulses etc.


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