Wednesday, May 25, 2022

It Is Understanding Not Age Problem

Q. I am 70 and my wife is 60. Sexual thought didn’t die in me. I need sex at least once in 7-10 days. However my wife lost interest in sex. Whenever I ask about sex she loathes me and sleeps away from me. If I place hand she will remove it. I am content with masturbation. I pity my condition though I am having wife. When I thought all after 60s will turn like this, a 65 year old relative showed interest in me and had sex 4-5 times with her. She craved for sex many times and I had sex with another two women. All are elder to me and they showed huge interest in sex. Why is my wife averse to sex? If she cooperates I don’t have these sex with other women. Don’t ask me to stop sexual feelings. If I participate in sex I will be active and sex is reason behind my good health

Ans: One cannot deny importance of sex in life. But just because wife didnot show interest in sex, one having sex with other women will lead to complications. Your wife may have physical and psychological problems due to menopause. Both consult doctor and get counseling. If treated for menopause your wife will be normal. You see whether she is hating your behavior and the way you treat her. If anything is there change accordingly. Sex interest will reduce if woman hates behavior. Both get counseling and everything will be solved. Your wife will be normal with you and sex is not related to age.


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