Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Just Like In Blue Film

Q:Recently I watched blue film with my husband. I got lot of excitement. My age is 35. I am feeling happy when I remember those scenes and discussing with my husband. After all that I am wondering why I am talking like this and even feel shy and fear. Is there any fault in me,let me know?

Ans:Blue films help to some extent in giving sexual excitement. You are experiencing the same feeling. If one has to behave like in Blue Films, one should shed away lot of inhibitions. 

Once that is done people will behave like sex maniacs using even foul language. Those who are living in a conservative manner after watching blue films may behave in such manner in the heat of the moment but later will feel shy. 

There are chances of getting negative response from partner if only one person behave in an overtly manner in sex. People can behave in any manner in sex. But moods of both person should be in the same level and you should behave keeping this in mind or else there will be some problems. Behave in a diplomatic manner.


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