Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kids Will Not Get AIDS If Parents Don’t Have

Q: How to find out AIDS in small kids? Are there chances of kids getting AIDS if parents don’t have?

Ans: There is no chance of kids getting AIDS if parents don’t have the disease. They may get if blood not tested for HIV is transfused to them. In 20% cases AIDS symptoms will be exhibited within one year of birth of a child. In 40% children at the age of 2-3 years symptoms are noticed. In 25% children, AIDS symptoms will be noticed slowly at the age of 5-6years. 

Just like adults, children too will not get weak due to AIDS immediately. But AIDS symptoms will be noticed quickly and they start losing weight,become weak, lose appetite, get fever, disease and loose motions. Blood test show CD4 count coming down. If ARV medicines are taken their health will improve drastically. Apart from ARV kids should have protein rich food. This prevents HIV spreading quickly. AIDS affected children’s future can be turned bright with proper counselling and guidance.


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