Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Larger One Gives Satisfaction?

Q : Some will have large penis and in some penis will be short. During sex penis will be large and later will it stop increasing in size? Is it necessary to have large penis to satisfy a woman?

Ans: Size of penis is not important to satisfy a woman. Even if the erected penis is small, if given strokes till she gets satisfaction it will be enough. If premature ejaculation happens woman will not have satisfaction. Nerves in woman’s vagina will be only 2-3 inch  deep and later it will not be there. So even if penis is large it will not give any special effect. Men generally have penis size ranging from 14-18 cm’s and all the penis will give same satisfaction. Small size penis will be grow during erection and it will be more than the larger penis. So one need not worry about the length.


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