Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Limited Rice Is Good

 Q. I got sugar. Some suggest to eat wheat rice. Some maize rice. Some say paddy rice and some ask to eat chapattis or pulkas. People say eating paddy rice will not reduce sugar. I am in dilemma as to what to eat and what not to eat. Sugar patients shouldn’t eat white rice?

Ans:Sugar patients should have low fat diet. There will be lot of fat in samo, wheat potatoes, wheat. So there is no use even if one stops white rice and have brown  rice, sorghum rice. Any rice should be had in limited quantities. Sugar will not get reduced by having any of them. Even in chapatis and pulkas fat will be there so one should have them in less quantities. One should choose high fiber, slow release carbohydrates diet. Doctors will specify how many carbohydrates a person can have depending on his weight and the work. One should avoid potatoes, banana, sapota,custard apple as they have high sugar content. One should stop sweets and doctors advice what fruits to eat and what not. Apart from diet one should have even exercise. People can have brown rice and white rice as per doctor’s advice. 


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