Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Mad Of Her?

Q : I had sexual relation with a woman. Though I completed ejaculation she forces me to continue sex. But I lose my excitement after ejaculation and she cannot tolerate this. She scratches me with her nails. She won’t leave me even when I suffer in pain. I am mad of her and so I cannot stay away from her. But I am unable to bear her continuous sex demand. Prescribe medicine to satisfy her with uninterrupted sex?

Ans: It takes at least 15 min to one hour for men to get aroused sexually after ejaculation. Some need even more. Women respond with in moments for full fledged sex. Women with high sex desires will demand more immediately and if they don’t get become restless biting men. There are no medicines for it. In these circumstances men should satisfy her with foreplay and after taking her to climax then participate in sex.Then women will not demand for sex immediately. Men should be careful with women with hyper sexuality. 


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