Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Magic Of Chromosomes

 Q. We hear about Ardha Nareeswara quite often. But I haven’t seen him in real life. Recently though Tamil Nadu girl Shanti won women body building competition, they snatched her medal saying she was not a woman. I am wondering whether unknowingly men are there in women and women in men? How is it possible?

Ans: By birth sex is decided. Women will have X X chromosomes. They are known as sex chromosomes. Men have X Y chromosomes. Though only Y chromosome decides male, Y chromosome shows its power and minimises X chromosome. Some will have these chromosomes in disproportionate manner and instead of two they will have 3-4 which results in abnormality. In Shanti’s case additional Y chromosome was found along with XX and so she got male organs. However they did not form perfectly. If Y chromosome is there irrespective of number of X chromosomes, it will result in male behavior. So the person though is a woman is not a woman. Due to this disorder parents thought shanti was a girl. However she had testiciles in abdomen. She got muscles like men,did not have ovaries and womb. So scientists found that she is a man. gender can be decided by cario typing and hormone tests and had Shanti’s problem was found earlier she would have become a man. There is no doubt in finding genger with advanced medical technology.


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