Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Marry HIV Girl

Q: I am 22 and I have numerous pimples on my face. I have high sexual desires and on friends advice that sex with a woman will cure pimples, I had sex 10-15 times with a prostitute. I used condoms but some said no need of it. I got lot of thrill without condom and so had sex most of the time without condom.When I got doubt and tested for HIV,it came positive. Even confirmation test also showed positive. Elders are looking for alliance in my house. How can I inform parents that I have AIDS. I am the only son and if they know about my condition they will die. So I decided to get married to any girl they select. What should I do so that my wife don’t get the disease?

Ans: HIV people should always use condoms. However wife will not agree using condom for months. She may force for kids this will throw you into more problems. So it is better to stay away from marriage or marry HIV girl. Or inform about HIV and get married. If any girl agree in such situation, you should take care that the disease don’t get transmitted. Consult doctor and get counselling. 


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