Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Mating A Sweet Memory

Q. I am married five months back. I had menses 3 days before my marriage. However I didn’t tell bridegroom’s side fearing that they may cancel the alliance. On the next day we had first night. I had severe bleeding. He questioned me why did I have marriage and first night during menses saying bleeding will be minimal in normal circumstances. He abused me saying I robbed them of first night thrill. Even now he remind me of the incident and blame me. Is it true that menses on first night will rob the thrill. Did I make a mistake by hiding menses? I am feeling guilty. Please guide me?

Ans:Menses during first night will not rob of sexual pleasure. Some blood may fall on penis but it will not stop sexual pleasure. Many dream of first night but most of them will be disappointed. There is no first night, second night thrill. If couple have attraction,craze on eachother then every night will give thrill. So tell your husband that he didn’t lose anything and if thoughts are shared everynight will be first night.


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