Saturday, April 1, 2023

Menses May Stop Due To Fear

Q. I am 16years and I like a boy. We recently met and he kissed me on my lips and touched my breasts. I caught his penis and his semen fell in my hands. I touched by langa with the same hand. From then on I am  scared whether I will get pregnant due to his semen? I didn’t get menses this month and already 15 days passed after he kissed me. What if I become pregnant? Parents will kill me. I am very scared. Save me

Ans: One will not get pregnant if semen falls on clothes. Only if semen falls in vagina,woman get pregnant. You didnot have sex wand so there is no chance of pregnancy.When one is tensed and scared, periods will stop for some months. This doesn’t mean that one is pregnant. Fear is the reason behind periods not coming in you. DOn’t indulge in such thoughtless acts in future and don’t have unnecessary fears.


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