Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Misconceptions On Sun Stroke

Q. Many say if one have cold water in summer, or have cold bath after coming from hot sun,they will be  affected with sun stroke? Why is it so?

Ans: It is only a misconception that drinking cold water in summer, having cold water bath after coming out from hot sun is only a misconception. Venturing out in sun and staying in rooms with no air, body becomes heat. So this results in seat and help in cooling the body. If one stays outside in hot son, seat glands will get tired and sweat stops forming. So heat will enter the body unabated. This will damage the central nervous system and to prevent this one should have cold water and cool the skin that became hot. If not heat regulatory mechanism get spoiled and one gets sun stroke. 

During summer over sweating will result in loss of water and salt. This results in dehydration and loss of salts paining muscles. So one should have more water water in summer. It is important to have water,fruit juices or buttermilk mixed with salt.Children, old people, ill people, those who stay in sheds, in suffocating houses, who work in heat conditions, go out in sun, those who travel in the morning should have water and salt in large quantities. 

One should have wet cloth on body and should use umbrella when one goes out in hot sun. People should know how to protect themselves from sun and why to protect themselves. Instead if one is under the impression that having ice water, cool drink,ice cream,mangoes it will generate heat or sun stroke,it is utter foolishness. everyone should know what preventive measures one should take during summer. 


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