Tuesday, December 6, 2022

My Fear Came True

Q:I have a suspicion that my vagina hole is every small. I tested myself placing my finger twice or thrice into it and felt pain. Recently I met with a person who is after me to marry. 

Ans:He asked me to participate in sex since we have decided to marry. I did not agree due to the fear of vagina hole. But after lot of force it I agreed and my fears came true. Despite efforts, his penis did not enter into my vagina. Will I not be suitable for marriage life. Will any operation turn vagina hole bigger. Ever since he tried to have sex with me, I am now having lot of fears and suspicions. My life is in your hands.Please give some solution.

There is nothing like women not fit for sex due to smallness of vagina hole. Generally vagina entrance will be very small through which even small finger cannot pass due to tightness of the tissues. However once it becomes enlarge with passing finger or penis into it, there will not be any problem in sex. 

Many girls experience such unnecessary fears and suspicions. You can marry happily and during first intercourse apply Gylocine jelly and expand it. Once it is done you will not feel pain when penis enters vagina. 


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