Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Need Not Be Afraid Of It

Q.  I am married and had sex with another person in unforseen circumstances. He is very good and healthy person. He didn’t have any bad habits. Both couldn’t control and the mistake happened. This happened six months back. After that never committed a mistake. However since 10-15 days I am having more white discharge without any itching or smell. However one thing is scaring me. I am feeling shy to tell doctor. How can I tell doctor that I committed a mistake? I am scared that this white discharge will spoil my marital life. Suggest solution and reduce my tension.

Ans: White discharge is common in women. One need not be scared thinking as if it is a big disease. You are relating your mistake to white discharge and getting scared. Generally Women suffer from trichomoniasis,moniliasis infections. Similarly cervicitis results in bruise near womb. All these common infections result in more white discharge. If one is not clean and don’t be clean during menses this white discharge problem occur. So don’t get scared. Fas 3 Kit tablets one day will solve your problem. One strip has 4 tablets and have all the four on single day.


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