Tuesday, December 6, 2022

New Couple Old Problem?

Q:We got married couple of days back. Preparations were done for first night. However we did not unite. This is not due to fear in me or he is impotent. Both of us are studying and we decided not to have sex for two years. He hates to use Nirodh. I had menses 12 days back. I heard that from the 10th day of menses till 18 days are good for pregnancy. I heard that in between even if I use tablets I cannot stop pregnancy. I did not inform elders. My husband will not use nirodh

Ans:Anti pregnancy medicines should be used from the 5th day of menses. One should use daily one tablet each for 21 days. If one have to participate in sex in between they can use ‘today’ vaginile tablets. Those should be kept in vagina whenever they have sex and one can have intercourse after ten minutes. You start this procedure and start enjoying your marriage life. Don’t miss early days of married life.


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