Friday, February 3, 2023

No Age Difference For AIDS

Q : I am 60 yrs. My wife expired five years back. I had sex with a woman who stays near my house. Later she died due to severe ill health. Many say she died of AIDS. I am now scared. I had sex with her for six months. After her death, I got tested for HIV. Report came negative. After two days I got tested again. Same report came. I repeated again after two days to get the same result. Do I have AIDS? Some say old people don’t have AIDS as seen in youngsters.

Ans: Any one will get AIDS if they have sex with HIV patients. Symptoms will be found after three months in blood test. Since you had sex for six months, it should be revealed in blood test. As negative reports came it seems you don’t have AIDS. However get HIV test after three months.


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