Saturday, April 1, 2023

No Doubt Depression!

Q : I am 65 and I don’t have belief in poojas,Gods and Goddesses. I never went to babas but sometime back my husband passed away. I have two children and both are married. They are in far off places. Now I am staying in a ashram run by a baba.However I am not having peace of mind spending time with unknown vacuum. I used to enjoy sex till my husband’s last day. Now I don’t have sex desire. But loneliness and sadness is paining me. Is it due to my staying in ashram though I don’t believe in babas?Is it any mental disorder? I am worried what to do?

Ans: When you are not having belief in rituals, you cannot practice it. Since your husband passed away and children staying away you are having depression. Get treatment for depression and you will be alright. You start your hobby whatever it maybe and it will make you happy. In the final stages of life many suffer from such confusion and go into depression. With proper counseling and treatment,this can be cured. There is no point living like a dead person. 


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