Thursday, February 2, 2023

No Food Restriction After Delivery

Q. After delivery should one tie a cloth to head and waist? One should use belt and put cotton in ears? One should take only hot water? One shouldn’t eat curd,sorrel leaves pickle (gongura),sweet potato,groundnut,etc? Should one stay away from sex for six months? There are many restrictions for pre natal and this confuse many. Please explain me in detail and help pre natals like me

Ans: There are no food restrictions for a post natal. All those so called restrictions are senseless. Delivery is not a disease. It is a natural phenomenon. Cotton in ears, cloth around waist,head to a pre natal is not necessary. In some stomach muscles will lose stiffness and bulge will appear. Only they need abdominal belt. But these will be very few. Pre natals should do some spinal and abdominal exercises on doctors advice which help in normalisation of ligaments and muscles which expand during delivery. Many don’t even need these exercises. Prenatals can have anything after delivery. There are no food restrictions and no need to drink hot water. One can consume fridge water happily and also drink fruit juices and fruits. There is no truth in new born getting cold if mother drinks fruit juices. New born gets cold due to virus in air. So prenatals can stay away from all restrictions and after a month can even have sex. 


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