Tuesday, June 28, 2022

No Need Of Experience

 Q.I am getting married soon. My friend told that woman’s vagina has two holes and one don’t have sex properly identifying the right hole,she will experience pain and from then on start hating husband and these are the reasons behind frequent quarrels between various couples. From then on I am scared. I don’t have sex knowledge and don’t read any sex books. Now I am scared as I don’t know how to face first night. Is sex before marriage experience essential?

Ans: It is true that Woman’s vagina has two holes but in that one is vagina and other is urinary hole which will be small. Unless seen carefully it will not be visible. When in sex Vagina will expand enabling penis to enter. So there is no chance of penis entering other hole. Your friend told something without having any basic knowledge. His advice to have sex before marriage is also wrong. Don’t commit the mistake of having sex before marriage even in dreams. Live peacefully and your married life will be happier.


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