Saturday, April 1, 2023

No Permanent Medicines For AIDS

Q. Some advertisements are appearing in new papers saying ” There are medicines to cure AIDS permanently” and even write some names saying those people got cured. Is there any permanent cure for AIDS in some form of treatment? Why I am asking is I was detected with AIDS 5 years back. At that time I got TB, Hepes goester diseases and got serious. Doctors treated and TB was cured. He gave me ARV medicines and asked me to use for life. My wife too has AIDS and luckily she is not having kids. Both of us are using medicines. We are getting monthly medical expenses of 4000 and we are planning to use those medicines which cure AIDS permanently if there are any. Understand our pain and advice?

And: No medicine in world can cure AIDS permanently till now So if anyone claims that they have such medicine, and come with some proofs,all those all build up and cooked up stories. Just like how medicines are there to control BP and sugar, Anti Retro Viral (ARV) medicines help in controlling AIDS. If money is constraint then contact near by ART centre and they will provide medicines. Don’t fall into the trap of bogus doctors who claim to cure AIDS permanently and lose money.


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