Monday, June 27, 2022

No Semen Loss

Q-I am 19 and lean. I did not grow tall for some unknown reason. sometimes I suffer from premature ejaculation in sleep. There is a saying that due to semen loss,man gets weak and will not grow. Is Semen loss reason behind my weak physique. How I have to stop semen loss and how to get it back. What should I do to become strong,tall and hefty?

Ans: In adolescence knowingly or unknowingly semen will go out. There is nothing like men getting weak or not growing tall due to semen discharge. If that is the case then all those who are having sex should become weak. Semen is not valuable. There are other reasons for your weakness. If you don’t take healthy food during growing age, you will be weak. Many youngsters in the age group of 12-18 yrs are neglecting food habits due to studies and sports. Consult doctor and follow his advice rather than worry about semen loss.


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