Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Not An Important Liquid

Q : I have a unique problem. I am married one week back. While having sex semen is coming out of vagina.Semen will not come if there are no feelings while having sex. Though I tried a lot to control myself not to get excited due to my husband I get excited. Some say one will not get pregnant if semen comes out. I did not get pregnant even after one year. I want to become mother soon. If the condition is like this how is it possible? What I have to do not to get excited?

Ans: Semen has two parts. One liquid and another sperms. After semen ejaculation in the vagina, sperms get separated and reach the walls of vagina. From there it will creep towards womb. So only liquid comes out after sex and this is not useful. It only helps in sperms reach the vagina. If not excited in sex, semen will come out slowly from vagina and fall on clothes. It is about 1-5cc. People cannot feel such small quantity come out of their vagina. During excitement vagina expand and even in vagina lot of liquids will be secreted. Loss of these liquids will not prevent pregnancy. Both of you consult doctor. One can know where the fault is after the tests. At present enjoy sex without thinking of stopping excitement.


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