Monday, June 27, 2022

Not Sexual Disease But Psychological Disease

Q: My husband is having affair with another woman. When asked he will not confess his affair. But his behavior will tell everything. I used to have sex with him with interest earlier. Now I am participating only on his force. I am having itching all over body after sex even though I am washing off my private parts cleanly. However I am having itching. Does the other lady having dangerous disease and will I get infected? I love my husband become impotent? How is it possible?

Ans: You are unable to digest your husband’s illegal relation. So you are loathing him. This is showing in form of itching. One can not confirm your doubts. It is not right that you are getting itching due to his illegal affair. If your husband has sexual disease, you will have itching and burning sensation in vagina. You should make your husband break illegal affair rather than pray for him becoming impotent. Don’t try to break your relation but try to solve problem with positive mindset. 


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