Friday, February 3, 2023

Nothing Wrong If Wife Is Elder

Q : I am 29 and many younger to me got married and even had children. Due to family problems my marriage got delayed. Now the girl whom I married is around 29 but her parents told that her age is 28. I feel she has already crossed 30. Wonder what made my parents settle the match but after seeing many matches settled this girl. I am scared about why I married an older woman. I am fearing that this will deteriorate my health. I am unable to participate in sex actively. I started getting headache after having sex with her. When I contacted the doctor he said I don’t have eye sight. Some say sex with elder woman will result in many diseases. Is my headache due to it?

Ans: It is only a tradition that wife’s age should be less than the husband. Even if wife is older than husband it will not result in any illness. Her vagina do not contain any poison. Your headache is due to mental tension and stress. At that time one will not have vision problem.

One should follow relaxation techniques to relieve tension or should use medicines. Scientifically men havesemen release and sperms even at the age of 60 and he is capable of becoming a father. However women have fertility rate only in the age group of 20-35 and pregnancy will be trouble free. Later it will be reduced. So the age factor came into existence. If you stop worrying you have good chances of becoming a father.


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