Monday, June 27, 2022

Ok with Wife, What About Girlfriend?

Q:My age is 35. I used to have erections quite normally. However of late I am facing problems and this may be due to work pressure. I am having good penile erection with my wife. However I am having problem with my girlfriend. Can I use sildenafil citrate for it or do I have any sugar problem?

Ans:Since you are having good erection in presence of wife and facing problem with your girlfriend, it is only psychological problem. You are overcome by fear,anxiety, inferiority complex in presence of your girlfriend which is resulting in this problem. 

 sildenafil citrate will not work if you suffer from mental tension. You don’t need any pills. You should understand that you have sex inside you as you are having erections in presence of your wife. Better stop all the relations with other women which will drive away all problems. 


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