Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Operations OK,What About Him?

Q: We are married four years back. I did not conceive till now.A lady doctor even performed womb operation and I used capsules and tonics for no use. Later my husband was asked to get semen test done. Sperm count is less and he was given medicines. However no improvement. Infact his sperm count decreased. What is the reason for it? Will I not become mother?

Ans: Some men suffer from varicocele syndrome. Due to this sperm count will reduce day by day and woman cannot become pregnant. If test is done for varicocele, it will be revealed. If your husband has varicocele then medicines will not cure. Operation should be performed. If not sperm count will reduce. Consult doctor. When couple don’t have kids both should tested with a doctor. You got operated four times unnecessarily when your husband has problem. When semen is defective, there will not be any result if you get operated any number of times.


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