Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Phobia Dangerous Than AIDS

Q : I am 40 years. I went to a doctor due to fever. I had doubt that he injected me with the used syringe.I got Hepatitis B vaccine with the same doctor. However the way he gave injection I got scared. I went to another place and got tested for HIV, VDRL. Tests gave negative report.Then I questioned Lab incharge whether test result be negative if HIV patient takes Hepatitis B vaccination.He said yes and now I am scared of AIDS. After two days I felt feverish and now I am having loose motions and trouble in stomach. Do I have AIDS.Will I die?

Ans: Rather than AIDS, fear for the disease is more dangerous. Lack of knowledge results in such fears and people make life miserable. Getting AIDS with injection to shoulder is very less. Even if you get AIDS, those symptoms will not be visible immediately. It will take minimum 5 years. All your problems are due to psychological problem. You can be fearless.

To find out AIDS through normal blood test one should wait for 3 months. It is wrong that blood test will be negative if Hepatitis B vaccination is done. Lab incharge too showed his lack of knowledge aggravating your fear. If one has suspicion of AIDS,consult doctor and have sex with condom. After three months one should have Elizha test,Tridol Test to confirm AIDS. It is useless to have other tests due to your unnecessary fears.


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