Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Premature Ejaculation In Old Age

 Q. I am 70 and have high sexual desire. If I don’t have sex atleast once in two days semen will come out automatically. My wife passed away a year back. After her death I am facing tension in sex. Recently I had sex with a family lady. However the moment penis touch vagina, ejaculation is happening. So I am feeling and it is the same with her. I had many ayurvedic pills but of no use. Don’t blame me for sex at this age but suggest how I can enjoy sex?

Ans: Illegal relations bring trouble. If you want to have sexual pleasure get married again. There are many good medicines for sex potency and stop semen coming out. Fluoxeten,ectiteloprem will stop premature ejaculation. Tadalphine will help in erection. Consult doctor and use medicines which will cure you.


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