Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Preventing Quarrel Between Us

Q. We are married 30 years back. Even now we participate in sex. He is quarrelling that my vagina is loose and he is not getting any pleasure. Recently it seems he had sex with another woman and he derived lot of pleasure with tight vagina. He is shamelessly telling me that he is missing sexual pleasure due to my loose vagina. He is asking me to get vagina tighter with operation. I am wondering what is his problem at this age. I don’t know what to tell to doctor. Suggest solution for my problem.

Ans:With the passage of time body loses strength and muscles lose tightness. Same happens with vagina and even if through operation it can be tightened,they will become loose again. So there is no use of surgery. One should realise the changes with age. You make some changes in sex angle like you go on top of him and he may get some pleasure. Warn him that illegal relations with others will lead to AIDS and other dangerous diseases and spoil both your life.


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