Saturday, April 1, 2023

Restrictions Are Useless

Q : A stray dog bit me and I am not sure whether it is mad. I had injection at government hospital. People say one shouldn’t have brinjal, fish,chicken, gongura etc for six months. They say if I eat my legs will get paralysed. Some advice to stay away from sex for six months. I am married and do I have to send my wife to her parents house as I may get tempted? Is it a danger to get wet in rain? Rainy season will arrive soon and how I have to save my head getting wet? Give me correct advice?

Ans: Anti Rabies vaccination injection for full course is the solution for dog bite. All other restrictions are meaningless. You can have anything and also enjoy with your wife. Nothing will happen even if you get drenched in rain. Since you got injection,forget about dog bite.


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