Saturday, April 1, 2023

Rubella Vaccine Protects Children From Heart Problems

Q. Now a days government is doing operations for small kids suffering from heart problems. Instead of this why heart problems in kids be prevented?

Ans: Infants develop heart problems due to deficiency in genes and some infections when it they were in the womb. When pregnant woman gets rubella (German measles) it will have side effects on infants.

Due to toga virus Rubella disease spreads. This affects all age groups. Due to this rashes will form on body, fever and swelling of glands. In one week they will get cured.

Half of pregnant women suffer from abortion when affected by rubella. It results in heart problems in infants, physical disorders, low growth in brain and disorder in heart.

So every woman before marriage should have rubella vaccination and this will save many infants from this disease. All girls at the age of 10-12 should have one rubella vaccination. and later six months before marriage. If married,one can have it but should see to that she will not get pregnant for six months. Rubella vaccine is not costly and only thing is all girls  should have awareness.


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