Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Separation In Old Age Is Painful

Q. We are small agriculture family. We have two children and both got married. Whatever property we had,we distributed to both children. Now we are in old age and our children are taking care of us. While my son takes care of me, my wife stays with my wife. We interchange after some months. Both of us staying separately and though our children are taking care of us, this separation in old age is paining us. Though both of us are alive we are separated. Sometimes I feel like having sex but I don’t have my wife. Even if I go once in a while, we have to stay in verandah. This separation in old age is paining me. I have observed this separation not only in my case but also among others. It is painful that children dividing parents just like they divide properties between them. Tell me how to control severe sex desires in me.

Ans:In today’s family conditions and financial situations some parents in old age are leading a pitiable condition like you. They spend all their earnings on their children’s education,marriage and later live at their mercy. Children share parents between them but they don’t realise that even parents have emotional attachment. This attachment is required more during old age. So it is important for old couple living together just like young couple. Only then they will be happy and satisfied. So couple should plan in such a manner that both stay together even in old age and even though they part away properties to their children,they should prepare their children to look after them in unison. Only then there will be solution for sexual desires in old age.  


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